Ep 3 "I am NOT a fanboy... of fluoride"

Mac vs. PC, the age old debate, with a side of Android vs. iPhone. Fluoride, do we really need it in our drinking water? And finally, tech tips, antivirus options for Windows, is it needed on a Mac? All of this and more, on this week's episode of the Two Bored Vets podcast.

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Finally got around to listening, I'm a little slow. I am strictly a Windows and Android guy. I'm not a fan of Apple. I'm not stupid enough to believe Androids are better, Apple makes great products. I don't like that I can't sync other companies products to Apple. It's Apple or nothing. With the iPhone 5, they changed the charger after years of the same charger. To me, that's all about the money and not the customer. So I have issues with the company. The only thing I don't like about my wife's iPhone (4s) is not having a back button. But it is faster on most everything else than my android. I do like that android is Google oriented because I use a lot of Google products. As far as the iMac goes, I've really never used one so that is why I tend to stick to windows laptops. Call it fear of change. I was glad you guys didn't go on an all-out "everybody buy apple" rant.
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