Ep 20 "I See Red People"

We're finally back!  First up, a new twist on the Washington Redskins team name controversy, this time with Congressional disdain; we also talk about the new "N-word rule" in the NFL, the meaning of the name Oklahoma, and other nonsense.  Next, a wrap-up for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, South Korea's skater doesn't win gold, but Russia does?  And why were the US and Canada men's hockey teams placed in the same bracket?  Mike and Carl know.  Finally, we finish up with anecdotes about the good we've done for animals as "vets".  All of this, and a whole lot more in EPICsode 20.

We've created a poll so we can get your take on the Redskins team name.  Follow the link and let us know what you think.

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