Ep 18 "... Starring Uncle Scar As Alfred"

This week’s movie review, The Avengers, starring a bunch of awesomeness.  Mike and Carl both hate Samuel L. Jackson, but Carl loves the Black Widow, and… Mike loves Dora?  Stoney Tark is Iron Man, and Jew Hackman is Wolverine, but Hawkeye's hand-eye coordination is lame, and heli-carriers can’t be real.  Our first ever gear review, the CRKT M16-Z series pocket knife.  Superman vs. Batman casting update: the creator of Facebook  as Lex Luthor and Simba’s Uncle Scar as Alfred.  John Malkovich and Leo di Caprio get added to Mike’s list of actors he hates.  DC’s revolving door for movie roles.  And we finish up with our Super Bowl picks, which are a bit after the fact because Carl is lazy and didn’t get this episode out on Sunday like he was supposed to.