Ep 11 "Tasteless Humans"

This episode's all about bad people.  Locker room hazing: The Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin/Miami Dolphins/NFL mess.  Picking on easy targets? Teens "play a game" where they punch the unsuspecting, until the unsuspecting are armed and retaliate.  Finally, offensive video games you've (hopefully) never heard of, but of course, we bring them up.  And, as always, Carl gets sidetracked.  Repeatedly.

Ep 10 "Know When To Say When"

Mike talks about his trip to Honduras: the less fortunate, the crazy drivers, and the bland food.  And then, the rules of the road, why do some people get so confused behind the wheel? Four way stops, the right-of-way, turn signals, you know, all those impossible rules to follow! And finally, a couple of Halloween costumes that go beyond tasteless and cross over into the realm of "What the hell were you thinking?"  Carl tries to decide if someone should be fired for being an idiot, while Mike tries to play Devil's advocate as usual.

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Ep 9 "Size Does Matter"

The Washington Redskins team name controversy and what we think about it.  It’s a phone, it’s a tablet, it’s… a phablet?  How many devices do we need?  Kindle/eBook Readers versus iPad/Android tablets.  And finally, our topic suggestion from Twitter:  Who would win in a fight, Mike or Carl?

A special shout out to The Amish Baby Machine Podcast for their tweet suggesting that Mike and Carl should get in a fight and see who would win.  Thanks Dags and Jeff, you made our day!

Ep 8 "Bomb Sniffing Cats!"

Professional athletes, their pay, and their "contributions" to society; Mike doesn't watch sports; Carl proves he's a hypocrite, and Mike plays Devil's advocate as always; Mike doesn't watch sports; the Olympics and the professional athletes who work to compete in them; and a debate worth our time, cats versus dogs; and finally, Mike DOESN"T. WATCH. SPORTS. Oh the humanity!

Ep 2 "Ben. Freaking. Affleck."

This is the Labor Day weekend edition and our second episode of TBV.  We give an update on the murder of Delbert "Shorty" Belton; a quick recap on last week's conversation on motorcycles; an intense conversation about Marvel vs. DC, in which Mike sort of loses it over Ben Affleck as the next Batman; finally, we finish up with Mike and Carl reminiscing about how they met, and Carl rambles on about the National Guard for what seems like forever. 

WARNING: Carl's knowledge of DC Comics' story lines is debatable, at best. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy the show anyway.