Ep 21 "What If...?"

In this episode, we deviate from our normal routine, and ask a few age-old "what if" questions:  What if... we each had 10 million dollars, what would we do and how would we spend it?  What if... we could travel back in time, where would we go and what would we do?  What if... we had no financial obligations and we could do whatever we wanted, without having to worry about getting paid? What would be our dream jobs?  

Finally, another fun episode!

Ep 20 "I See Red People"

We're finally back!  First up, a new twist on the Washington Redskins team name controversy, this time with Congressional disdain; we also talk about the new "N-word rule" in the NFL, the meaning of the name Oklahoma, and other nonsense.  Next, a wrap-up for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, South Korea's skater doesn't win gold, but Russia does?  And why were the US and Canada men's hockey teams placed in the same bracket?  Mike and Carl know.  Finally, we finish up with anecdotes about the good we've done for animals as "vets".  All of this, and a whole lot more in EPICsode 20.

We've created a poll so we can get your take on the Redskins team name.  Follow the link and let us know what you think.

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Ep 19 "The Sochi Solution"

We test the "Six Degrees of Separation" theory in the first segment: a Super Bowl recap (Mike was wrong, Carl was right); Shaun White drops the Slopestyle event, along with two athletes who were injured so badly on the course they had to drop from the Olympics; phone hackers, stray dogs, Americans who are boycotting the Olympics, and Carl's solution for starving children; the future of music, the digital age, our tastes in music, iconic band images; and finally, we review Voxer for iPhone and Android, a push-to-talk app that Mike tries to sell to Carl, Mike plays the "good brother" card, and Carl defends his use of the fax machine, again.

Special thanks to @donwrangler for the suggested topic, the future of music!

Ep 18 "... Starring Uncle Scar As Alfred"

This week’s movie review, The Avengers, starring a bunch of awesomeness.  Mike and Carl both hate Samuel L. Jackson, but Carl loves the Black Widow, and… Mike loves Dora?  Stoney Tark is Iron Man, and Jew Hackman is Wolverine, but Hawkeye's hand-eye coordination is lame, and heli-carriers can’t be real.  Our first ever gear review, the CRKT M16-Z series pocket knife.  Superman vs. Batman casting update: the creator of Facebook  as Lex Luthor and Simba’s Uncle Scar as Alfred.  John Malkovich and Leo di Caprio get added to Mike’s list of actors he hates.  DC’s revolving door for movie roles.  And we finish up with our Super Bowl picks, which are a bit after the fact because Carl is lazy and didn’t get this episode out on Sunday like he was supposed to.

Ep 17 "Spoiler Alerts For Everyone!"

Our first ever movie review! We discuss the recently released film, "Lone Survivor".  You are advised now to skip this segment if you a) haven't watched the movie yet, or b) have not read the account given on the actual mission, because we spoil it like no one's business.  After that, Mike rages over Senator De Leone's ludicrous comments about his supposed "ghost guns" and pretty much debunks the Senator's argument in just a few short minutes. Carl rants about Justin Cyrus, or Miley Bieber, or whatever his/her name is. We finish up with a "weather report" from Mike!

Ep 16 "Roids Are Good, Internets Are Bad?"

In this episode: we discuss performance enhancing drug use in Major League Baseball, Carl takes a stance for steroid use and wants EVERY player to juice up, while Mike is against PEDs entirely.  Finally, we disagree on something!  Then we move on to net neutrality and what the recent Circuit Court decision might mean for all of us, Mike explains how ISPs handle bandwidth and potential prioritization of traffic, and Carl rails against tiered pricing (for no reason).  


Ep 15 "It's All About People"

Mike and Carl go off again.  This time it's all about people (stupid people, in Mike's words).  In this episode, we have ridiculous warning labels and the people who are responsible for them; winter, and the people who ruin it for everyone; and we finish up with the geek versus the hater, people who love technology and the anti-fanboys who hate them for it.

Ep 13 "Tons Of Fail"

Innocent until prove guilty... or is it? A man is almost arrested and subsequently banned for life from Walmart; Carl's trip to Target; knockout game retaliation, a "player" goes up against an opponent that fights back (video here), the bystanders' reactions, and people's ridiculous comments about the incident; and finally, left behind and locked in, a forgotten passenger, and Mike reminisces about a scene from The Shawshank Redemption.